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Know the incredible value of training in non-fitness environments

Training or working out is generally seen as an activity that should be done in a gym, at an outdoor fitness station or class, or at home. And it should be done with the appropriate fitness equipment, otherwise it’s not “real” training. In other words, it should be done in an “appropriate” location with the “appropriate” equipment to have real results.

This approach not only limits you drastically in your training opportunities, it’s also less efficient in getting you the results you are looking for.

If you only train pull-ups when you have access to a pull-up bar and lifting/carrying when you have access to a barbell and lifting setup in the gym, then you only train when you are in the gym. If you train these movements with any object you have, you have that much more opportunities to train.

The other advantage is that you become more adaptable, because variability develops adaptability. If you only train as mentioned above, then you become very good at pull-up reps on a bar and lifting a barbell. Try to climb a tree branch or lift a sandbag, and you’ll be much less efficient. If you train with different objects however, you develop well-rounded capabilities.

So you need to shift your mindset from feeling like you are not working out correctly when training outside and with odd objects to realizing and feeling this is actually the most optimal way of training.

This way, when you have 10 mins to have an Opportunistic Training session and you see a wall you can grip, you’ll jump on the opportunity to do some Cat Hang Pull-Ups and develop your grip.

Or when you’re at the playground with your kids, you will use the top of the benches or some low bars on the kids equipment to practice your balance. You won’t wait until you can use a wooden 2×4 in the gym or look for rails outside because rail balancing is the normal “next step”.

Training that way will optimize your capabilities and broaden your skills much more efficiently than training in a normal fitness environment.

It is a mental shift that is not that easy to make however, so try and develop it over time.

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