Get healthier, stronger & more capable
Naturally and sustainably

Most of us underestimate the variety and volume of physical activity our bodies need to be healthy.

But we overestimate the difficulty of achieving exactly what we need to become healthier and stronger regardless of our age, ability, fitness goals, access to equipment and the pressure of life.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on to see how we combine the cutting-edge Movnat™ fitness method with the advances of behavioral science to help you change drastically your fitness outlook & results.

From Navy Seals to everyday athletes

“It is a brilliant system, a well designed program and it is a creative approach to movement and fitness.”

Mark Bollong, US Navy SEAL, former Commanding Officer, Seal Team 5

“Personally, I am recovering from 4 major knee surgeries to repair cartilage. […] MovNat is the only thing that has given me relief from pain and returned my function.”

Thomas Barr, MA, ATC, CSCS, MCT1


Adapted to our modern,
urban & very busy lifestyle

Learn to train anytime, anywhere with no specialized equipment and no additional time commitment needed in a busy and unpredictable schedule. Train efficiently at home, outside with your kids or while traveling for work or pleasure.

Based on evolutionary biology & behavioral science

Our training is based on Natural Movement: the set of physical stimuli our bodies require to grow and stay capable and healthy.
Behavioral science gives us the tools to create habits. Simply, progressively but sustainably.

Accessible & progressive
yet very challenging

Natural Movement training is well adapted to both sedentary adults getting back to an active lifestyle and accomplished amateur athletes seeking the toughest physical challenges. Kids & teens also benefit enormously from it.

Sustainable for you,
your family and our planet

Our goal is to develop long-term health, wellbeing and physical & mental capabilities. We improve lifestyles and develop skills without pressuring loved ones. And we do it in a way that also benefit our planet. Good for you, good for all.

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Achieve your own goals

Whether you want to get back to physical activity after a break or increase your athletic performance.


Physical: improve your health by stimulating your body according to its biological and anatomical requirements. Accessible to everyone, impactful while minimising the risk of injury.
Mental: regular physical activity is widely recognised as a key contributor to mental health. We show you how to develop such a habit even with an overflowing and demanding schedule.


Physical: develop your strength and mobility through progressively more intense techniques that will also develop real life abilities like carrying a loved one in need or escaping a threat.
Mental: the capabilities we develop directly improve your self-confidence and self-esteem and you also become an inspiration for your family and wider community.


Physical: get ahead of the competition in your chosen sport or physical practice by creating your own set of competitive advantages and confronting yourself to some of the most toughest physical techniques.
Mental: improving your mental toughness through movement training and lifestyle design is a hallmark of our programs. With a tougher mind, achievements are easier to smash, professionally or academically.

What is Natural Movement?

Natural Movement groups all the movements our bodies evolved, throughout human evolution, to perform on a regular, often daily, basis. Our bodies adapted to perform these movements efficiently but a consequence is they came to require them to stay healthy. This is because most of human evolution was made in an environment of “energy scarcity”: calories were scarce and all animals, including us, evolved to conserve energy as much as possible.

Bone density for example depends heavily on the amount and variety of stimulation we give our bodies during our teenage years. If we perform movements requiring strong bones (eg jumping, climbing, strength training), our bodies will spend energy to increase our bone density. If we don’t, they won’t and we might get diagnosed with osteoporosis even before we reach our senior years. An extreme case of “use it or lose it”.

Natural Movement as a health and fitness approach was defined by Erwan Le Corre and he formalised and codified a training method designed to teach everyone Natural Movement around 10 years ago now: Movnat. This approach and method is so efficient and impactful that it forms the basis of our approach to human movement.