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We live in an unprecedented age of near unlimited human and technological opportunities. Unfortunately, physical and mental health limitations plague an increasing majority of us and at ever earlier ages.

A shame, as our bodies evolved to stay healthy, strong and capable until very old age, provided we stimulate them with appropriate movements and foods.

We’re building a platform and community designed to change our collective view of health, fitness and food, and to give you the support and inspiration you need to transform yourself.


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Physical (and mental) limitations are not inevitable, even as we age

Our bodies are biologically designed to stay strong and capable from birth to way past 70 years old.

There is a very common misconception about the average life expectancy of our hunter-gatherer ancestors: that they all somehow died in their 30s, because that’s where average life expectancy at birth was.

But did you know those who did not succumb to infantile mortality (very high) or violent deaths went on to live strong and healthy past 70?

Modern medicine solved infantile mortality and our modern societies solved violent deaths. So if our bodies are designed to live strong and healthy past 70 even without the benefits of modern medicine and modern societies, then we should now live way past it, and still be strong and healthy, no?

Well, we all know it’s unfortunately not the case, as we witness, year after year, negative health trends in our modern societies, with well documented exploding rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic depression, etc…

The causes behind these trends are also quite well known: our lifestyle provides too little movement and most often too much calories (and of the wrong kind) to our bodies, which are not able to cope with it and eventually start to break down.

And yet, as individuals and as a society, we don’t seem able to change our ways. Why?

It’s both a knowledge problem and a behavior change problem. Knowledge because there is no longer enough awareness of what stimuli our bodies need to remain healthy, both in quantity and quality. Behavior change because habit change is one of the hardest things for us humans and because our current social norms make it even harder.

Our mission: educate & advocate and guide & support

Insanely ambitious but critically important.

Our mission is twofold.

Raise awareness of the effects our modern lifestyle has on our bodies and our minds, which are more widespread and impactful than most of us think.

Make it incredibly easy to adjust our lifestyle and counteract, as much as possible, these negative effects while retaining the benefits of modern medicine and technology.

We provide knowledge and tools; connect people with each other and with resources; and advocate for change in our communities.

We are behavior change experts, combining behavioral science, evolutionary biology, modern medicine and the power of tech to help people achieve their behavior goals at the individual, community and societal level.

What’s needed? A revolution, nothing less.

We want to spark a revolution in how we think about the relationship between our everyday lifestyle and our physical and mental health.

A revolution is needed because:

The consequences are not doing anything are overwhelming: the exploding negative health trends in our high-income societies are clearly linked, in large part, to our modern lifestyle, resulting in physical limitations, mental health issues and all around limited lives.

It goes against our natural instincts: we evolved to avoid as much effort as possible and get as many calories as possible. In a world of sedentary living surrounded by cheap calories, those instincts are betraying us and making change almost impossible.

It also goes against our social norms: physical activity is viewed, almost exclusively, as fitness workouts and if you choose to seemingly spend extra physical efforts doing an activity, you’re quickly labelled as being “weird”.

The lost opportunity is huge: modern medicine heals us from an incredible range of diseases and accidents. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, our potential should be almost unlimited. And yet most of us live lives limited in small or large parts by physical or mental limitations. We could be truly unstoppable.

The planet urgently needs it: the healthier our lifestyle, the more sustainable it is. Literally every improvement we make for our health is also positive for the planet.

Join Us!

Join us on our mission and towards a better you in a better world. If you’re hard at work towards a future aligned with our mission, we want to hear from you so we can connect and amplify your work. Please connect with us here.

But you can do it by simply improving your lifestyle. Because we need pioneers and role models showing what strong and confident women, men and children are and can accomplish. Your actions day after day are what will make our dream come true. Start your journey here.

Why Foresighted?

Foresighted means the ability to predict what will happen in the future and take action. If we don’t change, then all those negative trends will continue.

Modern is inadequate, but natural isn’t an obvious goal either: it’s natural for us to avoid all efforts as much as possible and overeat, preferably on junk food. A foresighted lifestyle, though, accounts for our natural instincts and biological needs while getting the benefit.

Foresighted company is both our vehicle for change and the company we keep.

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Well, the first chapter anyway… We’re writing a book and we’d love to get your feedback on Chapter 1 plus all the other chapters as they are written.

You get the full book for free and we get early feedback. Plus you’ll get our newsletter. Are you in?

Get our e-book for free!

Well, the first chapter anyway… We’re writing a book and we’d love to get your feedback on Chapter 1 plus all the other chapters as they are written.

You get the full book for free and we get early feedback. Plus you’ll get our newsletter. Are you in?