Peak Oil Company

Foresighted Gem - promoting several of our values: more movement & physical activity, real foods, natural lifestyle & sustainability.


Active lifestyle

Connection to nature

Outdoor & artisanal anoraks made from all-natural materials in Melbourne, shipping worldwide.
Image credits: Peak Oil Company

Editors' note

View the Kickstarter: New edition waxed canvas anorak

Top-performing outdoor gear with all natural materials, made in an artisan way near Melbourne, Australia.

So great to see such products emerging and to discover the hand-making process through Instagram. This is really a one-man army show, focusing on sustainability as much as on performance, and it’s all the more impressive.

From the website:

“Making durable clothing and equipment for the Australian outdoors, without petrochemicals.

Peak Oil Company is a project that explores meaning and integrity in our relationship with the outdoors.

We design and make in our small studio on Corhanwarrabul/Mount Dandenong in Woiwurrung Country near Melbourne Australia. Using hemp or cotton canvas, silk, wool, leather, fur, beeswax, gum turpentine and linseed oil, we actively avoid plastics and fluorocarbons, as well as accessories that are overly specialised or dependent on industrial processes.


It’s easier than it seems to live a healthier, more sustainable and ultimately foresighted lifestyle. Increase your movement opportunities, eat more natural foods and relish some minor discomfort. You’re almost there.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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