Hi! My name is Julien: I’m a consultant in applied behavioural sciences by day and behind The Foresighted Company by night. I’m a behavioural scientist by training and I’ve always been passionate about health, fitness and their intersections with sustainability.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a lot of experience into how the human brain works as well as the benefits of physical activity in terms of physical and mental health.

Working full-time as a consultant, with a full-time working partner, no family nearby and having 3 kids under 9, I’ve also experienced first-hand that time is the main constraint preventing most people to exercise and get the benefits of physical activity.

This shouldn’t be the case, however, as it’s completely possible to fit in training time in even the busiest schedule and then get amazing results out of this limited training time. But you won’t achieve this using the standard fitness methods where you work out for an hour in the gym a few times a week. You need to approach training differently, which will open up many more opportunities to actually improve your capabilities while also not requiring you to find a one hour block of time. Behavioural science definitely helps in that regard.

Conventional training methods are also designed to maximise gym and trainer revenues, not benefits for the least training time. That’s where Natural Movement comes in: these are movements our bodies actually require to be and remain in good health. This is based on well researched evolutionary biology. So when you train these, you really are optimising your training time for maximum health benefits. And you can do it anytime, anywhere, in very small chunks of time.

Please browse the resources on this site and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or interest!

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Double your training time without additional dedicated training sessions!

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