Welcome to the Foresighted Fitness website. This is where I write about training and fitness possibilities for people whose schedules and job demands make it impossible to train according to rigid workout structures or even to take time to go to a gym or classes.

So this is for people who work full-time while taking care of young kids (and if you’re a stay at home parent taking care of your children, that’s a full-time job in my book), or whose jobs just demand very high time commitments (senior execs, start-up founders and employees).

My wife and I both work full time while raising our 3 young kids (7, 4.5 and 2) with no family support in Sydney, so I definitely knows what a busy schedule looks like!

Foresighted Fitness is defined by looking at all the opportunities in your life that you can take advantage of to improve your physical fitness. Even when it seems impossible, you can still fit in some serious training time.

It just won’t be a 1 hour session at the gym 15 mins away, but a collection of 5 mins here, 10 mins there and longer training time only when you’re lucky enough to have hem come up!

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