Get stronger, healthier and happier. Physically and mentally. And change the world in the process.

It’s simpler and easier than you think. Make your lifestyle more Foresighted::

⭢ NATURAL MOVEMENT: more physical activity, in more varied and natural ways

⭢ NATURAL FOOD: better & less processed food

⭢ NATURAL STIMULATIONS: more connected to nature, its benefits and its discomforts

⭢ SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE: for your health and the health of the planet

A free, collaborative and globally available platform connecting us all

Resources for a more natural lifestyle: movement, food & sustainability

Discover, share and recommend books, resource, locations and experts

Support the brands & people you love: help them help more people

Change your life, your family’s and ultimately our modern social norms

All the resources you need. Global or local.
With trusted recommendations.

Discover all the resources you need. Recommend the ones you trust.
Share the ones you know. Support the people behind them.
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Available in one or more countries. Fitness methods, online coaching, food brands, and much more.


Gyms, stores, outdoor places and any resource tied to a specific location. Discover your local gems.

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The best books recommended by experts and fellow members alike, on a wide range of subjects.



Certified healthcare professionals sharing our values & mission. Local or online consultations.

And much more…


Follow trusted members

Recommendations made by members are displayed on their profile, so you can easily see all the resources trusted by the person you trust.

Get movement inspiration

An interactive gallery featuring a diverse array of people being active outside. Filter by ability, age, situation and more. Find relatable inspiration to overcome social awkwardness.

Used minimalist footwear marketplace

Got the wrong size and returns are expensive? Kids growing out of their current pair? Sell or give your footwear and make someone happy. 100% free.