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Get more physical activity with Simultaneous Training

Similar to Opportunistic Training, Simultaneous Training (ST) is a training type that doesn’t require dedicated training time in your schedule, since you do it while doing other activities. Mastering ST is a very powerful way to actually increase your training volume even while trying to cope with a Frankenstein schedule.

There are 3 main ways to get training time through Simultaneous Training.

1. Train in the time interstices you have between your other activities during your day

This is especially useful in situations where you find yourself with some time on your hands, but not enough to have an opportunistic training session:

  • waiting to cross the street at a traffic light
  • waiting for your train/bus/etc. commute
  • waiting for your kid(s) to finish school or an activity to take them home

Waiting in general is nearly always a good occasion to practice IT.

How can you start practicing Interstices Training? It isn’t hard, you just need to:

  • know how to perform a move
  • know which move to prioritize in your case
  • know in which situations it can be done
  • have the drive to actually do it instead of sitting on a bench for a few mins

The easiest way to start getting some interstices training done is to start with a move that you can do anytime, anywhere, and do it each time you can. When you get bored of doing the same move, add another one. By that time, you will have built a habit and you will have done so easily by always using the same exercise.

Don’t start right away with multiple exercises, as you will have to not only remember to do it when you’re waiting somewhere, but you’ll have to think and decide which one to do, which will make it harder in terms of habit building.

Don’t know what to choose as your first exercise? Try to do some deep squat. It’s scalable for everyone, everyone can benefit from it, you can do it in most clothes and footwear, and you don’t need anything.

2. Increase the intensity of a movement you are already doing

You can also try and increase the intensity of a movement you are already doing. Carrying groceries? You would naturally do it with the least effort possible, but why not increase its intensity by making it as hard as you can to carry them?

This way, you really work out when carrying them, even if it just takes 30 secs to carry them to your car.

3. Add movement to an activity you have to do

Brushing your teeth? Then why not use this time to:

  • deep squat
  • balance on one foot
  • balance on one foot with eyes closed if eyes open is too easy

Or if you walk, nothing prevents you from stretching your fingers, hands and wrists while you walk. You have to walk in any case, so might as well use the time!

Yes, the last way to increase your total training volume is to just add movement (or mobility work) to an activity or situation you have to do. Commuting is generally a good period during the day where you might identify opportunities, but is far from the only one.

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