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Let’s turn Black Friday into Foresighted Friday

Black Friday is a dark day for the planet as we collectively binge-buy things we may not need and throw perfectly good items being replaced long before they reach their end of life.

As an example, consider that before the pandemic, in 2019, 24.3 billion pairs of shoes were produced in a single year, with the majority being thrown away within 12 months of being bought.

If that sickens you, too, then join us in fighting to turn Black Friday into Foresighted Friday: celebrating it as an occasion to do some good for the planet.

So instead of sharing discounts to buy the newest things and pictures of unboxing your latest large screen TV, join us in posting:

  • items you will keep using and not replacing on Black Friday
  • the brands or retailers you will support on Black Friday even though they might not offer any discounts because they are refusing to encourage people to mindlessly buy ever more stuff
  • the brands and retailers offering discounts but selling sustainably made products: not every company can afford to forgo the extra sales, especially not the young companies struggling to make sustainable products

Share these on social media and follow + tag us on Instagram (both #foresightedfriday and @foresighted.co) and we will send you a special link by DM to join an exclusive group on the Foresighted platform.

We will list the brands shared both on the platform and below so bookmark this page to keep track of them.

Want to share brands with us without posting? Just DM us on socials, email us or use the form at the bottom of this post!

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