The Case Against Sugar

Sugar's hidden dangers: addiction, health issues, informed choices.
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Uncover the hidden dangers of sugar in “The Case Against Sugar,” a groundbreaking exposé by best-selling author Gary Taubes. This eye-opening book explores the significant impact sugar has on our health, likening it to the tobacco of the new millennium.

Diabetes, obesity, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are alarmingly prevalent in today’s society, with sugar playing a central role in these critical health issues. Taubes delves into America’s history with sugar, revealing its use as a preservative, an additive in cigarettes, and the current overconsumption of high-fructose corn syrup.

With a solid grasp of science and straight talk, the author explains research findings on our addiction to sweets, clarifying misconceptions about sugar’s relationship with weight loss. “The Case Against Sugar” equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about sugar consumption on both an individual and societal level.

By understanding the pervasive influence of sugar and the powerful lobbies supporting it, you can make healthier choices and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, free from the detrimental effects of excessive sugar intake.

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Our standard modern lifestyle is making us weak, unhappy and for most of us, eventually sick. It’s a shame, because the antidote is known and simple: be more active, avoid eating processed crap, and connect more with nature and each other.

While simple, it isn’t easy. Foresighted makes it easier though, regardless of where you are in your journey.  Discover all the free resources available below.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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