Natural Footgear

Promoting natural foot health with sustainable, eco-friendly products.
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Editors' note

Natural Footgear aims to revolutionize foot health by providing natural alternatives to conventional footwear and foot treatments. The focus is on restoring and maintaining foot health without relying on surgery, drugs, or orthotics. By utilizing foot-healthy footwear and natural foot products, you can regain your natural foot form and function, reducing the chances of developing foot pain and other problems.

The products offered by Natural Footgear are carefully evaluated and tested by skilled physicians to ensure they meet strict criteria for promoting natural foot health. The Natural Footgear Certified Stamp serves as a mark of quality, highlighting the products that support long-term foot rehabilitation and restoration.

Natural Footgear is a convenient solution for all your natural foot health needs. The team is dedicated to providing the best information possible and works with companies that share the same principles and philosophies.

Natural Footgear offers an array of brands that adhere to their strict criteria, including Criterion #1: offering profound foot health benefits, Criterion #3: respecting normal, natural foot shape and anatomy, and Criterion #5: working synergistically with other items for optimal foot health benefits.

With Natural Footgear, you can trust that your long-term foot health is a top priority, as the focus is on sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions for your feet. The array of brands available adhere to their strict criteria, ensuring that your foot health needs are met effectively and naturally.


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