Wild Sole

Handcrafted barefoot sandals, eco-friendly, versatile adventures.
Image credits: Wild Sole

Editors' note

Wildsole is a UK-based company founded by two friends, Tom and James, who share a passion for living and working more naturally. Their handcrafted sandals are designed to provide a barefoot experience, inspired by the footwear worn by indigenous peoples worldwide. Made in Yorkshire from animal-friendly materials, Wildsole sandals are shipped in recycled, plastic-free packaging.

Wildsole sandals feature a zero-drop, thin, flexible sole, allowing your feet to feel the ground and adapt accordingly. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit without toe gripping, while the wide toe box offers ample room for foot expansion. These sandals can be worn in various weather conditions, including frost and snow, promoting toe movement and increased resilience.

The Wildsole collection includes four models: LYNX, HARE, OTTER, and MAMTOR, each designed for different adventures such as running, playing, swimming, and walking. The sandals have been tested in various settings, including school runs, park runs, ultra-runs, camping, swimming, climbing trees, and beach trips. The Wildsole team is dedicated to delivering comfortable and environmentally friendly footwear.


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