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Ocean-inspired sustainable fashion, zero waste, climate-neutral commitment.
Image credits: TWOTHIRDS

Editors' note

Embodying a harmonious blend of sustainability and innovation, TWOTHIRDS emerges as a beacon in the fashion industry. With a commitment to repurposing fabrics across seasons and capitalizing on previously discarded materials, the brand is rooted in responsible production practices. This deep dive into their approach unveils a story of conscious choices, environmental stewardship, and a profound love for the ocean.

Materials Sourcing

  1. Deadstock Yarn: TWOTHIRDS taps into unused yarn left behind by other brands, turning potential waste into eco-friendly knitwear.
  2. Deadstock Fabric: The brand uses fabric rolls, often in fleece, jersey, and woven varieties, that are typically waste products of fast fashion overproduction.
  3. In-House Deadstock Fabric: Occasionally, TWOTHIRDS produces its own deadstock fabric due to pre-order cancellations or offcuts. These materials find new life in products like tote bags and pencil cases.

Climate Responsibility

  • Emissions Calculation: The company annually calculates its carbon footprint.
  • Emissions Reduction: TWOTHIRDS uses renewable energy at its Barcelona headquarters, and also employs an electric vehicle for photo shoots.
  • Compensating Footprint: TWOTHIRDS invests in CO2 offsets to protect biodiversity and support mangrove trees.

Sustainability Philosophy
TWOTHIRDS seeks to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Their approach involves pairing with research institutions, aiding suppliers in renewable energy transition, and focusing on low-impact materials. They prioritize local production and have a pre-order system to minimize waste.

Climate Neutrality Commitment

  1. Annual GHG Calculation: TWOTHIRDS collaborates with organizations such as Climate Partner to determine their greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Compensation: They compensate for these emissions by funding certified carbon removal projects that bolster coastal ecosystems, like mangroves.

Founded in 2010 with a profound reverence for the ocean, TWOTHIRDS began its sustainable fashion journey in the Basque country, but it was their relocation to Barcelona, a city rich in creative energy and maritime serenity, that truly fueled their expansion and ingenuity. The brand emphasizes personal craftsmanship, champions the shift to green energy, and is steadfast in their belief in fair labor, leading to their exclusive production in Portugal.

The company’s vision was deeply influenced by their CEO, Lutz Schwenke, whose formative year in Hawaii and subsequent stint at the United Nations shaped the sustainable ethos of TWOTHIRDS. This philosophy is brought to life by their diverse global team, a harmonious blend of creatives and ocean enthusiasts dedicated to making a significant impact while preserving their autonomy.

In essence, TWOTHIRDS embodies the ethos of “Ocean at heart, eco in mind.” They champion responsible and sustainable practices in the fashion industry, ensuring their operations tread lightly on the planet.


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