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Editors' note

Peerko Shoes is a Czech-based brand specializing in barefoot shoes designed for optimal foot health and comfort. These shoes, created with the collaboration of a physiotherapist, designer, and leading Czech shoemaker, combine with aesthetic appeal and a focus on well-being.

Barefoot shoes have a thin, flexible sole with a zero drop, meaning equal thickness under the toes and heel. Peerko’s design respects the natural foot shape, with a wide toe box and adjustable cut to accommodate various foot widths.

Not only do these shoes prioritize foot health, but they also promote ethical and sustainable practices. Peerko uses high-quality European fabrics and leather for its shoes, ensuring all components are sourced and manufactured within Europe under ethical conditions.

The brand was created to offer visually attractive barefoot shoes, with support from the barefoot community and a successful crowdfunding campaign. Peerko continues to improve and develop their products, welcoming customers to join their family and experience the comfort of their shoes.


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