MASA: Organic, traditional, seed oil-free tortilla chips.
Image credits: Masa

Editors' note

Introducing MASA, creators of tortilla chips that focus on health and taste. These chips are crafted with a dedication to using real, good-for-you ingredients, while avoiding the common pitfalls of conventional snack options. Here’s what sets MASA apart:

  • Organic corn: MASA uses naturally grown corn for their tortillas, ensuring a healthier and more environmentally friendly product.
  • Traditional preparation: The tortillas are made following traditional methods, preserving authentic flavors.
  • Seed oil-free: MASA’s tortilla chips are free from inflammatory and artificial seed oils, offering a better snacking alternative.

The result is MASA’s signature tortilla chips made with organic corn and grass-fed tallow. These chips strike a balance between satisfying crunch and healthy ingredients. By paying attention to both taste and well-being, MASA has managed to create a product that can be enjoyed guilt-free. This attention to detail makes MASA an ideal choice for individuals seeking a more sustainable and healthful snacking option.


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