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Editors' note

This business offers a collection of minimalist shoes designed with modern women in mind. These barefoot-inspired shoes focus on style, comfort, and health, addressing common foot issues such as blisters, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. By providing freedom for feet and joints, minimalist shoes mimic the benefits of walking barefoot while still being socially acceptable and protective.

Characteristics of minimalist shoes include:

  • Supporting the foot’s natural arch using muscles and ligaments, preventing over-dependence on artificial support
  • Enhancing the foot’s shock absorption system through a flexible arch
  • Encouraging “earthing,” which refers to the connection between feet and the ground, providing biofeedback for better body positioning and balance

These shoes cater to those who want stylish, functional, and healthy footwear that prioritizes foot and joint well-being.


Our standard modern lifestyle is making us weak, unhappy and for most of us, eventually sick. It’s a shame, because the antidote is known and simple: be more active, avoid eating processed crap, and connect more with nature and each other.

While simple, it isn’t easy. Foresighted makes it easier though, regardless of where you are in your journey.  Discover all the free resources available below.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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