Good Earth Sandals

Handcrafted leather sandals, connecting nature and sustainability.
Image credits: Good Earth Sandals

Editors' note

Good Earth Sandals is a unique retail experience providing high-quality leather sandals for those who appreciate a connection with nature. Their sandals are designed and handmade at their workshop in Maui, reflecting an elevated take on bohemian surf culture and folk arts and crafts. The brand believes in creating footwear that helps wearers connect back to the Earth.

In addition to offering stylish and comfortable sandals, Good Earth Sandals hosts sandal-making workshops on Maui’s North Shore. Participants get a hands-on experience, learning every step of the process, from sizing and cutting the leather to lacing up their unique pair of handcrafted sandals.

The founder of Good Earth Sandals, inspired by a love for nature and a desire for simplicity, began making sandals after attending a sandal-making class. The sandals quickly gained popularity among locals and tourists, leading to the establishment of the brand. Good Earth Sandals emphasizes a sustainable process and minimal elements in the creation of its durable and attractive footwear.

Good Earth sandals embody a sustainable lifestyle and a connection with nature.


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