Gaucho Ninja

Handcrafted, sustainable shoes promoting foot health, connection.
Image credits: Gaucho Ninja

Editors' note

Gaucho Ninja is a business that specializes in creating barefoot-style shoes and leather goods. Established in 2015 and now based in the UK, they focus on promoting health and sustainability in their products.

Their shoes aim to strike the perfect balance between walking barefoot and wearing restrictive footwear, allowing for natural foot movement and muscle development. The company uses flexible, spacious, and stylish uppers and soles that provide protection while still enabling you to feel the ground beneath your feet.

Gaucho Ninja’s leather is sourced from six artisan tanneries in Spain, using traditional tanning methods. This results in high-quality material with unique tones and textures. The company values its connections with suppliers and strives to build personal relationships with them.

The thread used for stitching is made by A&E Gutermann, a company that uses recycled materials from plastic bottles. The soles of the shoes are made by Vibram, an Italian brand that uses natural rubber. Leather soles can also be selected for a more grounded feeling.

Brands used in their products include:

  • Vibram
  • A&E Gutermann

Gaucho Ninja is committed to ethical values, such as promoting natural footwear for health and wellbeing, supporting traditional craftsmanship, reducing waste, and using eco-friendly packaging. They also engage in educational projects within their local community.


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