Stylish, eco-friendly, comfortable, barefoot sneakers.
Image credits: Fleeters

Editors' note

Introducing Fleeters, a French brand of barefoot sneakers that combines style, well-being, and sustainability. They design their sneakers with four essential principles in mind:

  • Flexibility: Allowing the foot’s 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and 3 arches to function optimally.
  • Width: Providing a wide toe box for natural foot splay, promoting relaxation, improved blood circulation, and breathability.
  • Thin soles: Enhancing sensory feedback with only 5mm separating feet from the ground, enabling muscles and nerves to work effectively.
  • Flat design: Ensuring better posture and balance by distributing weight evenly between the rear and forefoot.

Fleeters emphasizes eco-sourcing and utilizes top-quality, bio-based, and recycled materials. Their outsoles are made of 70% recycled rubber, the laces from organic cotton, and the uppers are a combination of corn leather, recycled corduroy, and recycled suedes.

The sneakers are handcrafted in Portugal by skilled shoemakers, ensuring both know-how and social responsibility. All workers involved are protected under EU laws and regulations.

Lastly, Fleeters is committed to environmental protection by supporting the 1% for the Planet initiative, where they donate 1% of their revenue to global environmental projects.

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