Breathwork training for well-being, connection, and sustainability.
Image credits: Breathless

Editors' note

Breathless provides research-based breathwork training, certification, courses, and experiences in stunning natural settings, helping individuals reconnect with nature, their breath, and themselves. The training offers various health benefits, including emotional, mental, and physical improvements.

Emotional benefits:

  • Release repressed emotions and fight-or-flight responses
  • Cultivate compassion and inner peace
  • Reduce emotional turbulence

Mental benefits:

  • Clear intrusive thoughts and mental tapes
  • Enhance mental clarity and consciousness
  • Foster relaxation and self-awareness

Physical benefits:

  • Boost energy levels and metabolism
  • Decrease anxiety and detoxify the body
  • Improve digestion and immune system function

Breathless aims to create a society that is more self-aware, less reactive, and more connected to others and the environment. They offer online breathwork courses that combine science, theory, and guided practices for at-home learning. As Australia’s leading breathwork movement, Breathless is committed to providing a unique blend of ancient techniques and modern neuroscience, focusing on education, connection, excellence, fearlessness, impact, trust, and unity. Their certified instructors guide participants through transformational work while supporting sustainable causes that protect the planet’s oxygen supply.


Our standard modern lifestyle is making us weak, unhappy and for most of us, eventually sick. It’s a shame, because the antidote is known and simple: be more active, avoid eating processed crap, and connect more with nature and each other.

While simple, it isn’t easy. Foresighted makes it easier though, regardless of where you are in your journey.  Discover all the free resources available below.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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