Blue Dinosaur

Very clean protein bars and snack bars. Vegan range available.
Image credits: Blue Dinosaur

With a busy lifestyle, bars and bites are often necessary. But most of the choices available aren’t suitable if you’re trying to minimize processed foods. That’s where the range at Blue Dinosaur comes in play. All products are super clean and only have a handful of raw ingredients.

Their protein bars in particular are spectacular with up to 25g of proteins per bar and none of the nasties that usually comes with such products.

Good for you

  • whole food ingredients
  • no product contains gluten, soy, dairy, preservatives, added sugars, colours, stabilisers, flavours, or anything artificial

Good for the planet

  • produced locally in Australia
  • minimal packaging with recycled cardboard
  • minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, so lower energy and carbon footprint

About the company

It’s easier than it seems to live a healthier, more sustainable and ultimately foresighted lifestyle. Increase your movement opportunities, eat more natural foods and relish some minor discomfort. You’re almost there.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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Very clean protein bars and snack bars. Vegan range available.
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