Beyond Adventure

Outdoor adventures, paddlesports, coaching, and equipment in Scotland.
Image credits: Beyond Adventure

Editors' note

Beyond Adventure, based in Perthshire, Scotland, is a well-established outdoor pursuits destination that offers various activities in stunning landscapes. With a focus on paddlesports, they provide unforgettable experiences for individuals, families, and groups. Activities include:

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Suitable for casual fun in the water or white water rapids
  • Kayaking: Speedy and agile crafts for a relaxing loch paddle or navigating river rapids
  • Canoeing: Traditional canoes for solo, doubles, or family groups on calm lochs or white water
  • Activity Tours: Collaborations with local partners for a range of activity day tours
  • Coaching: Personal and bespoke skills training, British Canoeing Coaching, Leadership Awards, and Safety and Rescue Courses
  • Equipment Hire: Canoes, kayaks, boards, and bikes for adventurous activities

Established in 1998, Beyond Adventure has been an industry leader in paddlesports instruction, expeditions, and guiding. They offer canoe expeditions across Scotland, including the Great Glen Way, Spey Descent, North West Highlands, Rannoch Moor, and River Tay. Additionally, 48-hour micro-adventures are available for those seeking a brief taste of expedition life.

Beyond Adventure also offers equipment hire and sales, providing top-quality products from reputable brands. Their commitment to excellent customer service and passion for the outdoors ensures an unforgettable experience.



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