WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo

Comprehensive martial arts training with focus on traditional values.
United Arab Emirates
Image credits: WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo
675H+RC6 - Trade Centre - DIFC Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Editors' note

WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo, the first full-time Dojang in Dubai and the UAE, offers a comprehensive range of martial arts training. Embodying the virtues of courage, strength, and goodwill, they provide both a learning environment and a supportive community.

The classes focus on the ancient teachings of Grand Master Kang Shinchul, seamlessly integrating traditional Korean fighting styles with modern Taekwondo elements. Whether it’s sparring or poomsae, the art form’s rich history and principles shine through.

Here, students can participate in various programs:

  • Traditional Taekwondo: This is the heart of the facility, focusing on physical and mental discipline.
  • Animal Flow Workshops: These workshops are perfect for fitness professionals wanting to add dynamic bodyweight movements to their regimen.
  • MMA/Military Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: For those looking for a more varied martial arts experience.

Group classes are offered five times a week, lasting between one to two hours. The facility also offers private lessons with experienced Masters for a more tailored experience. Furthermore, WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo extends its ethos to corporate events, promoting values such as courtesy, integrity, and perseverance in team-building exercises.

The core tenets and doctrines of the facility revolve around honor, loyalty, obedience, and perseverance. These principles are imparted to every student, reinforcing the idea that martial arts are more than just physical; they form the foundation for a disciplined and resilient lifestyle.

In WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo, you’re not just a member, but a part of a wider family. This facility offers a unique opportunity to engage in a holistic fitness journey that extends beyond the mat, fostering a more active, sustainable, and healthful lifestyle.

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