Seth Budai

Maximizing movement, reconnecting with nature, sustainable living.
North Carolina,
Image credits: Seth Budai
Asheville, North Carolina

Editors' note

Meet Seth, a passionate movement coach with a rich history of exploring diverse environments, from the back-woods of Middle Tennessee to urban parks and mountain tops. With over a decade of experience in various disciplines such as San-Shou kickboxing, powerlifting, martial arts, and breath work, Seth has dedicated his life to helping others maximize their movement potential and overcome mental barriers.

Seth’s services include:

  • MovNat Team Instructor
  • Online coaching
  • Customized programs for individuals and groups

In 2012, Seth discovered the MovNat methodology, which caters to both highly athletic individuals and those seeking to regain their ability to move and play freely with their children and grandchildren. As the founder and CEO of the elemental trainer, Seth now offers his expertise in-person and online, providing tailored programs for people of all ages and fitness levels.

What drives Seth:

  • Reconnecting people with nature
  • Promoting sustainable, healthy lifestyles
  • Encouraging environmental awareness

Currently based in Western North Carolina, Seth continues to inspire and educate others on the benefits of natural movement and sustainable living. With his guidance, you can achieve mastery over your body, embrace an active and environmentally friendly lifestyle, and experience freedom in your surroundings.

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Our standard modern lifestyle is making us weak, unhappy and for most of us, eventually sick. It’s a shame, because the antidote is known and simple: be more active, avoid eating processed crap, and connect more with nature and each other.

While simple, it isn’t easy. Foresighted makes it easier though, regardless of where you are in your journey.  Discover all the free resources available below.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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