Michael Jay Palser

Holistic fitness coach, fostering transformation through diverse training modalities.
Fort Collins,
Image credits: Michael Jay Palser
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Editors' note

Meet Michael Jay Palser, a fervent advocate for health and fitness with a mission that is more than skin deep – a relentless pursuit of wholeness through the transformation of mind, body, and soul. His coaching approach is deeply rooted in his personal journey, starting from a profound love for athletics, a career as a sports performance demonstrator, to professional development experiences that molded him into a unique trainer blending cutting-edge performance techniques with result-oriented training.

Michael’s service offerings span over 20 years as a certified personal trainer, having worked with diverse clientele worldwide. These include children, Olympic athletes, and even those in their eighties. His holistic approach centers around a myriad of training modalities, tailored to your unique needs:

  • Muscular development
  • Weight release
  • Mobility enhancement
  • Mindset shifting
  • Yoga and sports performance
  • Muay Thai and kettlebell conditioning
  • Bodyweight programming
  • Animal Flow

His credentials include ACE Certified Personal Trainer and being an Animal Flow Master Instructor. Yet, his greatest strength lies in his philosophy of perpetual learning and application. With an endearing connection to his inner child, Michael’s coaching methods blend a warrior spirit with a playful heart. He finds his fulfilment in your success and takes pride in sharing the transformative power of movement. It is this infectious passion that Michael brings to every interaction, guiding you towards a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

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