Alex Schenker

Natural Movement expert, martial artist, manual therapist.
Image credits: Alex Schenker
465 Milner Ave #6, Scarborough, ON M1B 3C3, Canada

Editors' note

Alex Schenker is the founder of Natural Mobility, a business that combines Natural Movement training with manual therapy practices. Alex provides a variety of services, including live and online training, therapeutic treatments, and self-care programs. His background in martial and healing arts began in childhood, leading to a diploma program in Shiatsu Therapy in 2005.

Alex’s martial arts journey includes Taijutsu, classical Japanese unarmed combat, and Hyoho Taisha Ryu Kenjutsu, a 450-year-old tradition of Japanese swordsmanship. His focus on self-treatment and movement efficiency has been a cornerstone of his manual therapy practice.

In 2015, Alex discovered MovNat, which resonated with his martial and healing arts experience. MovNat’s Natural Movement approach allowed Alex to refine his manual therapy and self-treatment methods. He continues to learn from teachers and students, constantly developing his personal practice.

Alex’s credentials include:

  • MovNat Expert Trainer (L3, Aquatics, Combatives)
  • Bujinkan Shidoshi (Martial Arts Instructor)
  • Licensed Shiatsu Therapist (LST)
  • Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Level Practitioner
  • FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist)
  • Agatsu Steel Mace & Club Certification

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