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Editors' note

Chris Redig has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a personal trainer providing online coaching worldwide. He’s based in Denmark but originally from the US.

Chris’ qualifications speak for themselves and his approach is fully in line with ours at Foresighted.

Simply put, if you want to go beyond in your athletic performance, look no further and get in touch with him.

You can also see some of his recommendations below.


Do you love outdoor adventures? Are you ready to get off the sidelines and build a body that’s ready for anything? Whether you want to play like a kid with your kids or prepare for your next obstacle course race, you’re in the right place. I HELP ADVENTURE-LOVERS GET STRONG, MOVE CONFIDENTLY, AND EAT WELL.

Through a flexible online platform, my clients can train anytime, anywhere and with the confidence of knowing they have an expert coach in their corner.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been training for a while, you will bust through plateaus and build lean muscle.

With step-by-step progressions, you will learn to lift, jump, balance, climb and move with confidence. And with a focus on functional strength and calisthenics, you will build strength you can use both inside and outside the gym.

I’ve helped people just like you lose weight, build muscle, run their first marathon, train for elite military selection, build adventure-ready bodies, become MovNat Certified Trainers and everything in between.


It’s easier than it seems to live a healthier, more sustainable and ultimately foresighted lifestyle. Increase your movement opportunities, eat more natural foods and relish some minor discomfort. You’re almost there.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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