Move!: The New Science of Body Over Mind

Improve mental well-being through movement and exercise.
Image credits: Move!: The New Science of Body Over Mind

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Discover the science behind the mind-body connection and how simple exercises can improve cognitive skills, reduce anxiety, and combat stress. In “Move!”, Caroline Williams dives into the emerging research on how movement affects our minds. Through interviews with global experts, learn how various exercises can enhance your mental well-being.

The book highlights the benefits of walking for cognitive improvement, the anxiety-reducing effects of core strengthening, and the stress-relieving power of light stretching. As we navigate life post-lockdown, this timely resource offers valuable insights on taking control of your thoughts and emotions through physical activity. Uncover the transformative power of movement for a healthier, happier, and more balanced life.

Our standard modern lifestyle is making us weak, unhappy and for most of us, eventually sick. It’s a shame, because the antidote is known and simple: be more active, avoid eating processed crap, and connect more with nature and each other.

While simple, it isn’t easy. Foresighted makes it easier though, regardless of where you are in your journey.  Discover all the free resources available below.

Be brave. Be strong. Be foresighted.

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