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Mission - The What?

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

This community platform—100% free—is where those of us who think our standard modern lifestyle has many detrimental effects on our health come together to try and change this.

Read on for more details but at a high-level, a Foresighted lifestyle is one that has:

  • MORE NATURAL MOVEMENT: more physical activity than is the norm today, in more varied and natural ways
  • MORE NATURAL FOOD: prioritize less processed and more natural food sources
  • MORE NATURAL STIMULATIONS: more time in nature, and more exposure to its benefits but also discomforts
  • MORE SUSTAINABLE:  the choices above result in a more sustainable lifestyle, but to preserve our ability to get those natural stimulations, we can choose sustainable options in many more areas

We’re very diverse but united in our drive to promote a more Foresighted lifestyle. One that takes into account the mismatch between our natural instincts, our modern environment and our bodies’ biological needs if they are to remain in good health.

Our collective mission:

  • Raise awareness of the effects our modern lifestyle has on our bodies and our minds, which are more widespread and impactful than most think.
  • Make it incredibly easy to adjust our lifestyle and counteract, as much as possible, these negative effects while retaining the benefits of modern medicine and technology.

This community platform allows us to do exactly that by collectively:

  • sharing the local and global resources useful to help achieve a more foresighted lifestyle
  • sharing knowledge with each other
  • support each other in our own individual journeys

If you recognize yourself in this mission, you’re in the right place and we hope you’ll join us.

You might identify as being into ancestral health, paleo, primal, natural movement, sustainability advocate, organic farming advocate, holistic health professional, following a carnivore or vegan diet, etc.

We’re inclusive and welcome the contributions of all who want to make it easier for others to adopt a more foresighted lifestyle.

A more foresighted lifestyle is needed

For our health, and the one of the planet.

Given the many negative health trends plaguing our modern societies, it’s clear our standard modern lifestyle isn’t delivering in terms of health outcomes.

The solution however isn’t to go back to the romanticized natural lifestyle of the nomadic hunter-gatherers (the first Homo Sapiens). Our modern environment has a lot of benefits to offer, chief among them modern medicine and technology.

The most efficient way out of this conundrum is to adopt a more foresighted lifestyle which aims at:

  • incorporating, as much as possible, the natural stimuli our bodies need to stay healthy. Ex.: high volume and variety of physical activity, non processed foods, etc.
  • removing or mitigating the modern stimuli that have a negative impact on our health. Ex.: less sedentary time, less footwear constraining our feet in unnatural ways, etc.
  • keeping the modern stimuli that do have a positive impact for our health. Ex.: modern medicine when needed, technology to form social bonds, etc.

Bonus: it just so happens that all of these steps also make our lifestyle much more sustainable.

That’s a simplification, but at a high-level, it really is that simple.

Well, simple to articulate, but changing our behaviors isn’t so simple of course. Most of us know at least the big changes we should make in our lives, but we don’t make them. They go against our natural instincts and against most social norms. And changing our ways is just plain hard.

4 domains: physical, mental, nutritional, environmental

The first step in making it easier is to define, at a high-level, how a more foresighted lifestyle differs from our standard modern one.

There is no definitive answer and it’s ever-evolving but here are some ways to do that, for four fundamental domains.

Of course, all of these interact with each other and many stimuli can be classified into two of these domains, but a simple categorization helps.


Any movement we make and all physical forces applied to our bodies. That’s generally “movement” and “fitness”.

  • increase the volume of physical activity: move more
  • increase the variety of physical activity: move in many different ways
  • try to cover the various types of movements that are natural for us Homo Sapiens—i.e. that our bodies evolved to perform: ground movements, crawling, rolling, lifting & carrying, climbing, balancing, objects manipulation, and more
  • minimize sedentary time
  • minimize the use of “modern” artifacts that makes our body or its parts immobile: chairs, couches, constraining footwear, etc.


We’re big brained animals, we receive a wide range of stimuli that impact us emotionally and psychologically.

  • reconnect and spend more time outdoors, ideally in nature
  • find and connect like-minded humans sharing your views and values


What we eat, and how, etc.

  • prioritize real foods
  • minimize processed food
  • minimize [free sugars] intake


Other factors present through our environment that also affect us. EMFs, micro plastics we eat and inhale, etc.

  • re-incorporate discomforts in our lives: physical challenges, exposure to hot and cold, etc.
  • a nomadic lens is also a minimalistic lens in how we approach life
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