Using a bike rack as a mobility and strength challenge


Ok, this is taking the principle of using your environment to work out to the elite end of the spectrum (but this is Ryan Ford), but it just goes to show that even elite parkour athletes don’t need formal equipment to train challenging moves.

Just another day in the life of APEX founder @ryandemonford. ? Give him a follow for insights into parkour, sport science, coaching, entrepreneurship, & more. ? Repost @ryandemonford I wish I could’ve hit that 2nd climb faster but arrggh, it was too tricky. Oh and about that time where I almost got stuck inside a bike rack…how embarrassing would it be to call 911 and explain the predicament?! ? In attempt to stay cool, I kept blocking out thoughts of that classic story where a kid gets her head stuck in between 2 bars and needs the firefighters or someone handy to save the day. For real though, it’s an intense challenge for anyone my size or bigger to enter this bike rack through the side and exit one of the bottom spaces. These racks are all over the CU-Boulder campus so if you’re a CO local, give it a shot sometime. And if you’re beefier than me (5’10” & 160 lbs), I double dog fucking dare you to try (but if you have to call 911, it’s your own damn fault for being reckless with your beefiness). Be sure to film your first try cuz it will probably be hilarious. I’ve never really experienced any significant fear or anxiety in tight spaces until this challenge. Yep, that’s how it goes sometimes…just workin that mental game by shoving myself through bike racks. ▫️ ?: Memories That You Call (ft. Monsoonsiren) by @ODESZA ▫️ #apexmovement #parkourstrength #parkouredu #unitedbymotion

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