Use evolutionarily adapted movements as the foundational layer of your training

Many people don’t realize that “natural” has a two-way meaning. When we say that our bodies are naturally adapted to certain types of movements, the flip-side is that they require these types of movement to stay healthy. That’s because they indeed evolved over millions of years in the context of these movements, and some physiological mechanisms rely on our bodies performing those movements. Building sufficient bone density when growing up is such an example which require us to stimulate our bodies through “natural” movements.

If you want to get a better understanding of the movement volume and variety our ancestors got through their lifestyle, I have tried to describe that clearly in this article: Daily physical activities of the evolutionary lifestyle.

The Movnat method of teaching Natural Movement is exactly designed to provide our bodies with the physical stimuli they need to grow and remain healthy over the long term, and also why it should be used as foundational layer in anyone’s training. It can be a stand alone practice or used alongside sport-specific training.

Mitigate our current modern lifestyle negative impacts

In addition to providing our bodies with the stimuli they require, we also have to counter the effects of our current modern lifestyle: sitting too much, staying sedentary, etc. The Movnat method covers most of these, but there are also specific mobilisation exercises that can be done to limit the damage.

Even better, most these exercises can be done while doing another activity, so you don’t have to spend dedicated time doing them.

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