Strategies and tips you can use to get achieve a more foresighted lifestyle, as easily as possible.

Physical domain

Although strategies are noted under one category only, most obviously apply to several of them!

Get enough physical activity

Getting enough can be done by getting more volume and/or increasing its intensity.

Increasing Volume

Increasing Intensity

Get enough variety of physical activity

Try to cover most natural movements

Minimize sedentary time

Minimize the constraints on our bodies

  • switch to more minimalist shoes

Mental domain

Reconnect and spend more time outdoors, ideally in nature

  • Even 10 mins in a small urban park is highly beneficial

Find and connect like-minded humans sharing your views and values

Environmental domain

Re-incorporate discomforts in our lives

  • refrain from—completely—protecting yourself from the elements
  • safely incorporate risk in your training

More than a minimalist lifestyle, use a nomadic lens


Prioritize real foods

Minimize processed food

Minimize free sugars intake

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