Start here: what is the Foresighted Fitness System?

The Foresighted Fitness System is a behavioral science informed system based on the Movnat method of fitness training and designed to enable busy professionals and parent to take full advantage of it. Below is a clickable diagram of the system displaying how each element works in combination with the others.


How to drastically increase training volume and variety?

What forms of physical activity to do for optimal benefits?

Why do it at all? What benefits can you expect?

Why is this system necessary and what are its goals?

Our bodies are biologically adapted to a world where they receive plenty of physical stimuli throughout the day. Those stimuli are mostly the ones which were required to live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, as our bodies today are the same as the ones of the early Homo Sapiens of 300.000 years ago. We know that without those physical stimuli, our health declines. Click here to get more details on this aspect.

Our modern lifestyle makes it very hard to get enough of them however, especially when you combine the time pressures of work and family responsibilities, along with demanding and unpredictable schedules.

It’s entirely possible to get those physical stimuli back in your life though, and without additional time dedicated to training at the gym—which is hard to find. The Foresighted Fitness System is designed to do just that by getting you to choose the best fitness training method available to maximize your long-term health, as well as giving you the tools to find the time to practice it within a very constrained schedule.

The Movnat method is especially adapted as you can practice it anytime, anywhere, without equipment and with your kids around. So wether you’re a busy and alway traveling professional or a stay at home parent with young kids around all the time, you can get optimal training.

Mental Shifts: changing your outlook to create training opportunities

The Mental Shifts are used to change your perspective on training and create mental space for you to consider many more training opportunities than are typically considered by most people. Use them to find spots in your schedule to train and to motivate you to take advantage of every single minute available.

Training Tips: maximize the return you get on your—limited—training time

The Training Tips will help you to get the most out of your training volume. So you not only increase volume, you also increase the benefits you get from it.

The Movnat® method: the best training practice for long-term health

The Movnat method, created by Erwan Le Corre, is the best training method available to maximize long-term health. I describe here what Movnat is and why it’s the optimal method to practice. It was literaly designed based on evolutionary biology and sport science to be that way, so it’s no coincidence. While you can use the Mental Shifts and Training Tips for the Foresighted Fitness System to maximize training volume and benefit for a range of fitness practice, only the Movnat method gives you optimal results.

Benefits across domains: mental, physical, practical

Combining the three elements above gets you very unique and powerful benefits. While some are coming from Movnat practice only, some are derived from the combination of all three elements. You develop and improves your mental capabilities (confidence, creativity, drive to succeed, etc.), your physical capabilities (strength, mobility, coordination, etc.) as well as your practical skills (carry another person, fall safely from height, climb a high wall, etc.) and uniquely your mental toughness (defined as a combination of being results-driven, persistent and resilient).

I encourage you to click through these links, read, absorb and if you have questions, contact me directly as I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Double your training time without additional dedicated training sessions!

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