Movnat Meet Up day in Sydney!


Movnat HQ just announced Saturday July 14th as the date for the worldwide Movnat Summer Meet Up day this year. I’m happy to host 2 sessions in Sydney even though our weather might be a bit colder than elsewhere!

Where: Rushcutters Bay Park, at the Waratah St reserve. Click here for map.
When: 10am-11:30am (session 1) and 2pm-3:30pm (session 2) on Saturday July 14th
What: depending on the attendees requests, but there will be something for everyone
How to register: RSVP is essential to gauge numbers. Please use the form below or email if you have any issues or questions.

More details:

  • In case of heavy rain: we’ll still meet under a roof and see what we can do. Meeting point: stairs under the roof near the Bartley oval. Click here for map.
  • What to wear: training clothes that will get muddied (we’ll crawl). Shoes (even if you go barefoot for most of the session, we may jump some height that you may not be conditioned to do barefoot).
  • Kids: welcome to attend with kids but please let me know age and number in the comments when registering. Best if you have another caretaker coming along as 1h30 is really long.

Please register below to attend. I may have to send some waivers/disclaimers for insurance in advance, so you may not be able to attend without registering.

  • Needed for waiver/insurance purposes.
  • Need to be able to reach you!
  • Please indicate if you can attend both sessions and if you can, which is your first choice. Depending on the number of people attending, I'll try to have a more advanced session if possible. I can attend:
  • Please use this field to let me know: what you want to practice during the meet up, physical limitations you might have, if you attend with kids, any questions or suggestions.
  • If you want to be updated when there are similar events in Sydney, please subscribe here. If you don't I'll contact you only in relation to the July 14th Meetup.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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