Mental Shifts


How to drastically increase training volume and variety?

What forms of physical activity to do for optimal benefits?

Why do it at all? What benefits can you expect?

In the Foresighted Fitness approach, Mental Shifts are among the most powerful tools you can seize to optimize your training volume and efficiency. Have a read below and click on each one for more information.


Understand the fundamental necessity of getting a high physical activity volume and variety each and every day

Once you understand this necessity, physical activity and movement is easier to achieve.

Reframe how you define training so you can train more and better

Most people define training as being only working out or sport specific training, which limits drastically your opportunities. Instead, define training as being any activity that improves or maintains your physical capability. You’ll train more and better.

Don’t train for specific movements, train for broad physical capabilities

If you train for movements, you’re constraining your training opportunities. Train capabilities so you can train anywhere and keep progressing.

Be proud of training in non-fitness environments

Gyms are actually suboptimal environments. Learn why and don’t feel bad training at the playground or the park anymore.

Educate yourself so you’re not vulnerable to social awkwardness

Training outside in “non-fitness” locations is very efficient but can be socially awkward. Understand why they’re optimal as training environment and use that to go past your awkwardness feelings.

Maximize your physical efforts in daily mundane activities

When you’re not training, go for maximal efforts, not efficiency. Ex.: walking with a backpack? Get it off your back and in a chest carry. Now you’re not just walking, you’re training while you walk.


Training many times in small amount of time throughout the day is as beneficial as a 1h workout

Don’t be constrained by the belief you need an hour (or even 10 mins) to train, and end up not training because you can’t find the time.

Multitask: add physical activity to your daily activities to increase training volume

Follow these tips and watch both training time and progress take off, without requiring more time in your schedule.

Aim for continual habits that will be broken from time to time rather than perfection

Don’t shoot for a huge change overnight. Build up small habits step by step. You will achieve much more.

Double your training time without additional dedicated training sessions!

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Double your training time without additional dedicated training sessions!

Get our free micro course delivered via emails over 2 weeks. Being only email powered makes it a micro course for us but the results will surpass your expectations:

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