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Cedric “Vic” Verdier, born and raised in Paris, France, became an officer in the French Navy as a gateway to an adventurous life.
After 10 years of this exhilarating job, Vic quickly became one of the world’s top experts in deep mixed-gas technical scuba diving, writing nine books and hundreds of published articles on this very specific topic. Breaking a world record a few years later (World’s deepest wreck explored), he spent the next 14 years of his life traveling the world over to discover extremely deep wrecks and cave systems (Deepest Asian cave system explored: 224m/735ft). He also worked as an Instructor Trainer for some of the most prestigious Scuba Diving Training Agencies.
Interested in Martial Arts and fighting techniques, Vic  spent a few years in Thailand, training in May Thai and Krav Maga.
With an extensive background in sport education and nutrition, Vic then joined another Frenchman, Erwan Le Corre in the creation of the concept of Natural Human Movement through a company named MovNat that now trains Instructors worldwide.
Vic now spends his time between Kettlebility, his fitness studio in Seattle, WA, his travels as a MovNat Master Instructor, his online coaching for mature men, and his passion for motorcycle riding and armed and unarmed fighting techniques of any kind.