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Oxford, UK


After a journey of injury and 4 years of chronic pain led me to study natural movement, practise and certify as a MovNat L1 trainer, I set up Reclaim Movement to encourage people to incorporate natural movement into their lives as a way of avoiding injury as we age, improving movement ability post recovery from injury and to help improve awareness of ways to move well. I offer classes (live online or videos on demand) and also education about the benefits of natural movement and how it can be incorporated into our whole lives, mainly through social media messaging and in 2022 through workshops and a local walking group.

As natural movement covers all the movement patterns we are born with, but that often become neglected through modern living, I aim to help reclaim those movements to improve mobility, strength and confidence. I do this mainly through the (entry-level) basic fundamental ground movements and other skills that can be practised without bespoke equipment and from your home or garden.

I am also a 47 year old mum of 3 teen boys, so life is always full of movement and madness!

Natural movement coaching – live classes or small groups online or on demand, & 1to1 or small groups in person in Oxford, UK