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Brisbane QLD, Australia


Jack’s initial interest in health and fitness started when, as a teenager, he found a sport that he loved. In Jack’s case, he fell in love with the sport of BikeTrials.

Jack pursued BikeTrials competition on the international stage and frankly got annihilated by many talented international riders. Committed to improving, Jack tried a whole range of training approaches (there’s no such thing as a BikeTrials coach); many of which you would recognise.

Jack’s riding imporved.

He got injured as well.

This started a 10-year long journey (as of 2019) to learn about and apply health and fitness practices that not only deliver world class fitness, but do so in a manner that is safe across your entire life. Today this journey manifests itself as Ideanthro Movement.

Ideanthro Movement is a health and fitness practice rooted in movement that is effective, fun and safe across a lifetime.



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