Rev Fitness

Innovative fitness facility blending technology, wellness, and personalization.
San Diego,
Image credits: Rev Fitness
13500 Evening Creek Dr N Ste 150 San Diego, CA 92128 United States

Editors' note

Rev Fitness presents a fitness solution focused on wellness and adaptability. It caters to a variety of needs, from intense strength and endurance training to peaceful yoga sessions, ensuring that your fitness journey is personalized, comprehensive and engaging.

The center includes a variety of areas, each designated for unique workout styles. The Revolution Room serves as an innovative small group training hub, equipped with high-tech gear such as pneumatic cable machines for optimal workouts. The Revitalize Room is an ideal choice. This serene space is dedicated to yoga and recovery sessions, providing a tranquil environment to rejuvenate and re-energize.

Further enhancing its holistic approach, Rev Fitness boasts a well-equipped main studio area, complete with cables, free-weights, cardio, and strength equipment from trusted brands like Life Fitness and Technogym. And when it comes to winding down after a vigorous workout, the facility’s luxurious locker rooms embody a spa-like ambiance, equipped with digital lockers and a complimentary towel service, ensuring a refreshing post-workout experience.

Rev Fitness thrives on versatility, offering several training options:

  • Small group training focuses on real-world application, teaching efficient and safe movement patterns for improved functional strength.
  • The Vinyasa-influenced yoga classes emphasize the coordination of breath to movement, opening and strengthening the body while relaxing the mind.
  • Personal training sessions are conducted by certified Health Coaches who provide one-on-one guidance and tailored workout plans to help you reach your fitness goals.

The facility embraces technology, integrating the cutting-edge Flexline AIR Dynamic Cable Trainer for effective functional training and the InBody Test for precise body composition analysis. These systems align with Rev Fitness’s commitment to deliver a superior fitness experience.

The vision of Rev Fitness centers around the realization of each individual’s potential through achieving and maintaining optimal health and vitality. The facility’s focus on sustainable practices, high-end amenities, and natural approaches to fitness aligns well with those who appreciate a holistic and balanced approach to their health and well-being.

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