Instagram accounts to follow for Movnat® content


If you’re looking for inspiration from Movnat Certified Trainers, Instagram is a great resource as many share their practice, as well as tips and inspiration on that platform. You’ll find below a—non-exhaustive—list of some accounts that will inspire you.

Core accounts

Movnat Team Instructors

The list of all instructors certifying coaches around the world:

Former Team Instructors:

Movnat Certified Trainers

Movnat MCTs posting lots of Movnat content:

Additional free Movnat resources

Click here to see all the free resources shared by the Movnat team.

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  1. Christoph Hillinger

    Hey just found this amazing site via Google while actually searching for one of the links mentioned here, just for info @ullrs_leid has been renamed to @urkraft_ullrs_leid, maybe you can change that. Thanks for this I’ll make sure to share it.

    1. Julien Le Nestour

      I’m trying to keep the list to the accounts with a majority of content geared towards Movnat and from what I can see, this one is not (it could also be because my German is poor though!). I understand the facility is excellent though but it’s easily found on the Movnat website listing so I’ll keep it off the list, at least for now 🙂

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