Individual Movement Consultation

The goal of this 1-hour individual video consult is to assess where you are in terms of fitness and nutrition and help you map the way to where you want to be.

We will discuss what you think is preventing you from achieving your goals, ranging from living a more active lifestyle to further optimizing your current training if you’re already active. I will ask you questions about your lifestyle, weekday routine, weekend activities and will try to uncover the movement opportunities you have in your life that you may not see yourself.

I will then give you tips and strategies to help you overcome your obstacles. It could be tips to create long-lasting habits, help you improve your mental state or just giving you examples of exercise you can easily incorporate in your existing routine.

This offering is not available to everyone yet but I am testing how valuable it can be by offering it free for the first group of people going through it. Please fill out the quick form below to express your interest and I’ll be in touch whether or not I can actually extend that offer to you.

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Thank you!