Get healthier, stronger & more capable
Naturally and sustainably

Most of us underestimate the variety and volume of physical activity our bodies need to be healthy.

But we overestimate the difficulty of achieving exactly what we need to become healthier and stronger regardless of our age, ability, fitness goals, access to equipment and the pressure of life.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on to see how we combine the cutting-edge Movnat™ fitness method with the advances of behavioral science to help you change drastically your fitness outlook & results.

“It is a brilliant system, a well designed program and it is a creative approach to movement and fitness.”

Mark Bollong, US Navy SEAL, former Commanding Officer, Seal Team 5

“Personally, I am recovering from 4 major knee surgeries to repair cartilage. […] MovNat is the only thing that has given me relief from pain and returned my function.”

Thomas Barr, MA, ATC, CSCS, MCT1

The Benefits: Physical, Mental, Practical

Harness innovative physical training to reach your athletic goals, improve your professional performance and inspire your family

Our resources help you redefine your relationship with physical activity and fitness training whether you want to:

  • add innovative strength and conditioning training to your existing routine
  • get back into physical training progressively, safely but efficiently
  • be pushed to your limits physically and mentally while preparing for real-life challenges
  • inspire your kids to be physically active, mentally resilient and real-life ready

Discover new training opportunities in your busy schedule and build new physical, mental and practical capabilities. Add more movement to your day to day activities and watch your strength and mobility progress week after week. Apply mental shifts to become more resourceful, resilient and driven. Learn real-skills like carrying another person in need, climbing over a high wall and safely jumping from height.
We make it easier and simpler than you think.

OUR BODIES are 300.000 years old

What do our bodies need to stay (or become) healthy, strong and capable?

Our bodies, from a biological perspective, are essentially the same as those of the early humans that lived a variety of hunter-gatherer lifestyles 300.000 years ago. In terms of human evolution, we’re all the same specie: Homo Sapiens.

That same evolution shaped our bodies to be extraordinarily well adapted to that ancient lifestyle: our ancestors were proficient at all the physical tasks required to hunt, gather, build shelter, etc.

In turn, our bodies evolved to rely on these physical stimuli to keep them healthy. Calories were very scarce and energy conservation was primordial, so we evolved to spend our calories only when needed. How do our bodies “decide” that? By the physical demands we’re placing on them: it’s the simple “use it or lose it” principle at play.

For example, you want strong bones? Place pressure on them by jumping, lifting and carrying heavy loads (among other activities) so your body recognizes the need for strong bones. Don’t do it, and you might be looking at osteoporosis at a young age…

MOVNAT™: the training method

“It is a brilliant system, a well designed program and it is a creative approach to movement and fitness.”

Mark Bollong, US Navy SEAL, former Commanding Officer, Seal Team 5

How do we get the physical activity our bodies need?
Discover the Movnat method, used with equal success by amateur and pro athletes, sedentary seniors and active duty US Navy Seals

The ideal way of getting our bodies the exact physical activity they need would be to live a hunter-gatherer life, which is appealing to exactly no-one. What’s the second best then? Trying to incorporate in our busy and modern lives the most efficient physical activity there is to get the most benefits in the least amount of time.

The Movnat method was developed over the past 10 years to do just that and covers all the movement areas needed: ground movement, running, jumping, vaulting, balancing, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying and more.

Movnat has been specifically developed to be accessible yet challenging to all ages and abilities. Getting back into physical activity after being sedentary, you will start with a lot of ground movement. Looking to challenge yourself? How about carrying another person on rugged terrain having to clear obstacles?


We help you to change your mindset and mental perspectives so you can train more than you currently do, no matter how challenging your life is

Our modern lives are challenging, busy and full of responsibilities and demands, both personal and professional. It might seem impossible to start training if you’re sedentary or to train more than you currently do at present, especially if you’re an amateur athlete with sport-specifics performance goals.

The beauty of Movnat is you can practice it anytime, anywhere, with close to no equipment. We use behavioral science to coach you into seeing training opportunities in your life and take advantage of them. It’s easier than you think and will expand your outlook on fitness, which is artificially constrained by most of the current fitness industry.