Free Movnat® resources to get started or go deeper

The Movnat® team published a lot of free resources to help you in your practice and get inspirations for techniques. Most are published on the Movnat® website but some are also published elsewhere. Below is a short list of all the free tools at your disposal to start or go deeper with your practice.

On the Movnat® website

Starter Kit

Simply sign up for the Movnat® newsletter and you’ll get the starter kit plus a periodic newsletter filled up with tips and offers. I’d recommend for everyone interested and if you want to attend a workshop or certification later on, you’ll know when special promotions are being run.

Beginner’s guide

In this Beginner’s Guide, you get 5 complete workout examples as well as a 4-weeks program plus many other tips and tools. Very highly recommended as well!

Intermediate and Advanced workout examples

There are also workout examples for Intermediate athletes as well as more Advanced athletes.

Weekly MovNat Adaptive Practice Sessions (MAPS)

Also a resource recommended for everyone: you have to sign up to this newsletter separately as this is just a weekly email sent on Mondays with 3 structured Movnat sessions for the week. Each session has a warm-up, emphases and combo. Each move is described in details in video so you can learn new moves on your own.

I highly recommend this to everyone. Even if you do your own programming, as I do, scanning through the exercises, mostly in the warm-up sequence, always gives new ideas for great movements.

The Movnat Principles

This page summarizes all the Movnat Principles and, more importantly, links to an in-depth article for each.

If you want to better understand Movnat and its philosophy, this is a fantastic place to start.

The Movnat Journal

The journal is Movnat’s blog and there is an abundance of great tutorials, technique explanations and exercise ideas. Go check it out!

Outside the Movnat® website

Danny Clark, MovNat® Curriculum Director, has published two series of videos that are really great to start with.

Instagram accounts to follow

Lost of inspiration on Instagram by the Movnat team and practitioners. Click here to see a list of accounts to follow.

Follow along videos for Mobility (ground movement and hanging)

The first one is a 2-months program using 8 Follow along videos focused on mobility, using ground movements mostly. I have embedded the videos for easy access using the toggle below:

Ground Movement mobility sessions

Not follow along videos but only based on Ground Movements, so great to do at home at the end of the day!

To go further

If you want to go even further, Erwan Le Corre, Movnat’s Founder, has just released an incredible book that can guide your practice for a long time. And if you want to benefit from the expertise of the Movnat team, you can choose between Workshops and Certifications, a fantastic e-course and 1-on-1 online coaching, all offered through the Movnat website.

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