Tuck Pop Up

Situation(s) applicable: Kids: at PlaygroundGood for: Elite, High, MedBody Areas worked on: Strength: upper body pull, Strength: upper body push | Equipment: Wide BarClothes you can do this move in: Casual clothes, Training clothes

Opportunistic Training example(s): most swing sets in playground

This movement, coming from MovNat, can be done on any wide-ish round beam. This is a functional movement and its goal is to get you on top of the beam in the most efficient way possible. If you’ve not mastered the Muscle-Up, this is your best bet of doing so. If you’ve mastered the Muscle-Up, including on wide beams, then you can do these for fun and variety.

But don’t dismiss this technique if you can achieve the same result through a simple muscle-up: this is by far more efficient in terms of muscle fatigue, so in a real emergency situation (say in the aftermath of a hurricane…), you’ll want to achieve your goal with the maximum efficiency and conserve energy.

Here are some additional tips for achieving the Pop Up, by MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre:

Tuck Pop Up