Mindset shifts for an active lifestyle

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In this mini-course of just 5 days, I’m going to open your eyes on the multiple opportunities you have to be more active, every day, regardless of your current level of activity or your abilities. test

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Here’s what you’ll learn, one lesson a day:

Reframe your definition of training

Many more activities than you think qualify as excellent fitness training. The caveat, though, to get fitness and health benefits from these, is to recognise them as real, actual training. Because you then do them in a very different way, without saving your efforts.

Trigger training

Escape from the “workout” mindset that leads you to overlook opportunities of being active that are too short for what you consider a proper workout. Finding time and motivation for a 1h workout is tough. Training for 5 mins at a time throughout the day is much easier, and the results aren’t that different. Think that’s not tough enough for you to make progress? It’s an integral part of officially preparing for US Navy Seal selection and training (BUD/S).

Simultaneous training

Many of your daily activities can be turned into training opportunities by adding movement or intensity to them. If time is your main obstacle, then you’ll love these zero-time training opportunities. Examples? Playing with your kids, watching TV, walking the dog, doing g social media on your phone, and many more.

Flexible training

Refocus your efforts towards improving brand physical capabilities, not specific movements. Having a goal to achieve X number of pull-ups is great, but ultimately limiting, since you need a real pull-up bar. Refocusing efforts on improving your upper body pull strength as a brand capability lets you train on anything: pull-up bar, tree branch, wall, vertical pole, swing set, etc… Having primary goals as broad capabilities lets you hit sooner secondary goals as specific movements.

All terrain training

Feeling bad about not having the time and the means to train in a gym? We’ll explain why you should feel good instead. Training at home and in improvised locations outside gets you a much richer training stimulus. Our bodies are responding very well to a very varied training environments with constantly changing demands. A typical gym is a very standardised environment that isn’t conducive of continuous progress. Training (only) in gyms can very well be the limiting factor in your progression.

Parenting Bonus

Do you sometimes hesitate to train while keeping an eye on your kids, or feel that you’re not really training efficiently if you have to supervise them at the same time? That’s a self-inflicted limitation . Embrace training around them, that’s what we humans evolved to do. We’ll show you how you can define an entire training program that is complete, effective and that you can do while keeping an eye on them. Better for you, but also better for them, because they now see you as a tremendous role-model. If you only train at the gym without them around, no matter how hard you train, you’re not actively role-modelling for them, which is a tremendous missed opportunity.

Giving something a name can be just the same as inventing it —Brian Eno

Naming doesn’t just describe the world, it creates it too, and shapes your actions. Completing this course will open your eyes to many hidden opportunities to get a more active lifestyle, simply and easily.

Come and join us, it’s free and you’ll get access to a dedicated course group & forum to exchange with others, as well as daily live office hours on Zoom with the instructor for even more support!

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