The Benefits of Natural Movement

Practicing Natural Movements makes physical activity more accessible and more beneficial.

Using the Movnat method delivers unique benefits, above and beyond those common to most physical activities. Most benefits come from practicing Movnat only, though some are only occurring when combining it with the following Mental Shifts.

In addition to optimized health outcomes you also gain mental, physical and practical capabilities not delivered by more classic training methods.

Fits our busy lifestyles, urban or not, with or without kids

  • Especially well-suited to a busy lifestyle with many work and personal commitments: time is hard to find in your schedule and priority is given to work and family commitments. You find it hard to get 1h in the gym, but we give you the tools to train in smaller time increments.
  • Unpredictable schedules and travel time: if you operate in that environment, you need to be able to train anytime, anywhere, and still get the best results you can get from your limited training time.
  • Train with your kids around: you may not have training time but you may have outdoor time (or even indoor time) with your kids. We allow you to use this time very efficiently to train for maximum performance. It’s good for you and even better for your kids as they have an excellent role-model to create their own healthy habits.

Kids are offered specialized sport activities but very rarely general fitness training. This is mostly because such programs are either too boring for them to do for even 30 mins (think elliptical bikes for 30 mins) or because they are not adapted to their developing bodies (olympic lifting for kids really isn’t a good idea). These same developing bodies however need a high volume and diverse level of physical activity to develop optimally however, and specialized sports training cannot, by definition, supply it.

Complementing such specialized training by weekly Movnat sessions does it though, and alongside delivers an impressive array of mental and practical capabilities that will provide them lifelong advantages in their immediate academic, and future professional, endeavors. Interested in knowing more about kids advantages? Click here.

Mental capabilities you can use in real life

Natural Movement improves a wide array of mental capabilities applicable to your professional and personal lives. You literally cannot these through another method of movement outside of Movnat. Combining it with the Mental Shifts from the Foresighted System allows you to get the full benefits and to become more:

  • Mentally Tough: a state of mind combining a thirst for achievement with incredible persistence and resilience. Maybe the single most useful benefit as you can then apply it to work, academic or even personal challenges. Click through to read all the details on this fascinating topic.
  • Resourceful: you find a way to achieve your goal by being creative and using all the means at your disposal.
  • Adaptable: you’re not taken aback when things don’t go your way. You react, adapt, and move on.
  • Innovative & Creative: you see possibilities where others only see obstacles, and you’re not afraid to explore them even if others are being reluctant to follow.
  • Confident: you know your practical and physical skills are superior to the vast majority, as you can lift heavy, climb walls and jump down from roofs safely. You also improve your body composition, which further increases the self-confidence you display to others.
  • Relaxed: Movnat practice is well suited as a meditative practice, without competitive or aggressive aspects. Think about it like yoga, but better.
  • Time-efficient: you know how to get significant training benefits from even 5 mins in your schedule and practice the habit of seizing every single moment. Whether you choose to use it for training or another task, you’re using these small moments, no wasting them.

For more details on the Mental Capabilities, please see this post.

Practical Skills: be confident and autonomous in your everyday physical tasks

The Movnat curriculum is articulated around the movements required on daily basis by a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They were not exercising as we do today but moving through the practical tasks required to gather food, build shelter, etc… This means all techniques in the Movnat curriculum are by nature practical. Here are some of the capabilities you will get:

  • Lift heavy and diverse objects with confidence: on your own or with others. It might be lifting slightly a car to free another person
  • Climb on a high wall or tree branch: to escape a threat (man or just dog) or just for fun
  • Land with a roll so you can jump down quick from height: again to escape a threat
  • Carry your kid or an injured adult: with confidence, move that person to safety, which could just be outside a burning house
  • Balance on a thin rail surface: to traverse an obstacle or just maintain your position. Think about natural disasters such as flooding to picture this.

And you don’t practice these scenarios only in a gym with well-balanced objects and a controlled environment, but with real objects or persons, in the real outdoor environments you may have to do them in real-life situations.

Physical benefits: increased strength, mobility, coordination and conditioning

Finally, the most obvious benefits are increased physical capabilities. Movnat is unparalleled at enhancing your physical skills since it takes purposefully a general fitness approach looking to develop the most well-rounded level of fitness. Even general physical preparedness methods or functional fitness methods like Crossfit remain much less varied in terms of range and breadth of training.

Movnat combines lifting, carrying and climbing to develop raw strength with crawling, jumping running to develop endurance and conditioning. Ground movements are excellent at enhancing mobility and balancing improves coordination in all activities. Most Movnat techniques across these domains actually develop these aspects simultaneously since they are practiced as full-body exercises.

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Get our e-book for free!

Well, the first chapter anyway… We’re writing a book and we’d love to get your feedback on Chapter 1 plus all the other chapters as they are written.

You get the full book for free and we get early feedback. Plus you’ll get our newsletter. Are you in?