7 healthy habits made easier by social distancing restrictions

Note: While this post focuses on the immediate habits you can put in place in this time of social distancing, I’ve explained the wider context advocating for the use of Natural Movement over at the Movnat journal: Coronavirus: How Can Natural Movement Help You Cope With The Crisis?

How to get real-time Air Quality readings in Sydney?

Special post for people in Sydney! It seems we’re in for a season of air pollution from the bushfires. While I’m a big advocate of training outside in all weather, rain or heat, to work on mental toughness (if you’re physical capabilities allow you to!), when the air is polluted from the bushfires, it’s definitely […]

Instagram accounts to follow for Movnat<sup>®</sup> content

If you’re looking for inspiration from Movnat Certified Trainers, Instagram is a great resource as many share their practice, as well as tips and inspiration on that platform. You’ll find below a—non-exhaustive—list of some accounts that will inspire you. Core accounts @movnat: Movnat’s main account @movnatwomen: the official MovNat® Women IG @naturalmovement: Erwan Le Corre, […]

Why is Movnat<sup>®</sup> the best training method to develop Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness (MT), defined in detail here, is one of the main benefits of training within the Foresighted Fitness System because the Movnat Method is incredibly useful in developing and improving it. Mental Toughness defines a combination of being results-driven, persistent and resilient. You can readily see how that mental skillset is going to be […]

Comparing Movnat<sup>®</sup> to Crossfit

I am often asked why I practice Movnat instead of Crossfit because most people haven’t yet heard about Movnat. When I describe what Movnat is, they think of Crossfit—since they know or have heard about it—which seems to them to be the most challenging and beneficial fitness method when you want to become or stay […]

July 13th 2019: Movnat Meetup day in Sydney

Movnat HQ just announced Saturday July 13th 2019 as the date for the worldwide Movnat Summer Meet Up day this year. Let’s do our own Winter Meetup Day in Sydney! Where: Rushcutters Bay Park, at the Waratah St reserve. Click here for map. We’ll meet at the playground there then move around the park.When: 4pm-5:30pm […]

What is the Movnat<sup>®</sup> method?

A fitness program based on evolutionary biology The reasoning behind the creation of the Movnat training method by Erwan Le Corre is explained in details on our Approach page but at it simplest is this recognition: our bodies evolved to be performant and stay healthy within a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. If we depart from such a […]

Free Movnat<sup>®</sup> resources to get started or go deeper

The Movnat® team published a lot of free resources to help you in your practice and get inspirations for techniques. Most are published on the Movnat® website but some are also published elsewhere. Below is a short list of all the free tools at your disposal to start or go deeper with your practice. On […]

Training while watching over young kids is highly beneficial

If you’re a parent of one or more young kids, time is a major constraint and it can be tempting to solve that issue by training while watching over them. No matter how busy you may be with work, there are times you have to watch over your kids, so why not train at the […]