Reframe how you define training so you can train more and better

How do you define fitness training? This is a question worth asking yourself as it is almost certainly limiting the total volume (and the quality) of your training. Most people view training as either working out or specific sports training. That’s it, there isn’t much to it. And I get it, we’re encouraged to view […]

Be proud of improvised training in non-fitness environments

Training or working out is generally seen as an activity that should be done in a gym, at an outdoor fitness station or class, or at home. And it should be done with the appropriate fitness equipment, otherwise it’s not “real” training. In other words, it should be done in an “appropriate” location with the “appropriate” equipment to have real results. This approach not only limits you drastically in your training opportunities, it’s also less efficient in getting you the results you are looking for.

Don’t train for specific movements, train for broad physical capabilities

Most people have training goals in the form of: achieve my first pull-up or reach 10 reps of perfect form pull-ups achieve my first muscle or reach 3 reps in a row etc… The problem with this approach is that it automatically limits your training volume because you try to get training time that will […]

Multitask: add physical activity to your daily activities to increase training volume

Time is most probably your limiting factor, not will or capacity to learn, so multitask and seize all the moments you can to train and develop your strength or mobility. Use Opportunistic Training to train efficiently, even in 10 mins, wherever you are: hotel room while traveling, playground watching over the kids, waiting for your […]

Use evolutionarily adapted movements as the foundational layer of your training

Many people don’t realize that “natural” has a two-way meaning. When we say that our bodies are naturally adapted to certain types of movements, the flip-side is that they require these types of movement to stay healthy. That’s because they indeed evolved over millions of years in the context of these movements, and some physiological […]

Maximize your physical efforts in daily mundane activities

Our bodies have evolved in an energy-scarce environment and our instinct and physiology are geared towards conserving as much energy as possible, which make us expend the least amount of effort each time we do a physical task. That was adapted to our biological needs when we had to do a lot of physical activity […]