Welcome to our developing FAQ page! We’re in the process of adding more FAQs. If you have a question, please shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll add it here!

Vision & Mission

Our goals are to increase transparency within our community and help share expertise and resources to anyone on a journey towards a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

For people just starting out on their journey, we want to make it easier for them to find the relevant resources they need to progress. For those of us who have some experiences and recommendations to share, we want to make it easier to share them and help reach the people that are looking for them.

For the professionals offering support, coaching or any other services linked to our mission, we want them to be discovered and help get them the visibility they deserve both globally and in their local communities.

You can read more our mission page.

Because we feel that, as a community, there are no easy ways to know what the people we trust recommend in terms of brands to trust, resources that help and professionals giving the best support.

At present, these recommendations are scattered among facebook groups, Instagram feeds & stories, and maybe some blogs or websites.

We want everyone to discover the incredible richness of what’s available today to learn more and progress. There is a strong movement at work towards a healthier lifestyle but also a lot of misinformation everywhere.

Our aim is to increase transparency, discoverability and serendipity.

Yes, absolutely. It doesn’t matter what you think of your expertise or value to others: you have valuable and useful feedback to offer to others. If a few resources have helped you getting started, then please join and share them with everyone.

Yes please. You can choose your username though, but since our goal is increased transparency, we insist on real names.

Through blood, sweat and tears 😉 Jokes aside, this is a passion project made possible by having a lot of Covid-induced downtime over the past year. It doesn’t require much resource except work, as hosting costs, etc are shared with other projects.

Absolutely not. Saying that our lifestyle is a main factor behind many chronic and non-communicable diseases and that we should adjust it with preventative health in mind doesn’t mean we are anti medicine. On the contrary, combine the power of the two and you’re in the best place possible.


The clothing resources present on the community are there because they offer sustainably produced options you can use to even further shift your lifestyle towards a more natural and sustainable one.

We all share the same vision that natural environments are our best playgrounds and just a great place to spend time in for our mental health. Let’s keep them as pristine as possible by choosing sustainable alternatives where we can.

Sustainable products are great but they also need to fit into our wider vision of being beneficial for our health.

While that’s not so much a consideration for most brands, it is for some. So a great sustainable footwear alternative that isn’t minimalist and aligns with a barefoot-like ideal feel won’t be added.

Resources are currently organized in 3 types:

  • books: self-explanatory
  • places: any resource linked to a physical place. Gyms, stores, places in nature, food producers, farmers markets, etc.
  • global resources: resource not tied to a physical place. Brands available globally or within a country. Online resources, online coaching, etc.

For those already published on our site, you can recommend them in 1 click by using the tick icon. They are then added to your personal profile under “Recommendations” and the people who follow you will be made aware that you have recommended a new resource.

For those resource not already published, you can create them to share them with us.

Absolutely. Once you’re logged-in, you can recommend any resource, book or places.

Yes, definitely. If something helped you in your journey, chances are, it will help someone else, and we would be grateful if you could share it with us, so everyone can discover it.

Once logged-in, you can share any resource. If you’re unsure on how to categorize it, make an educated guess and don’t worry: all resources are reviewed for accuracy and relevancy before being published and we’ll adjust anything that needs adjusting.

You earn 5 Contribution Points for every resource you add to the platform.

No, please do try and fill out the name and ideally a link, and we can fill in the rest.

First, that’s perfectly fine and the categories already present only reflect the resources currently published and should by no means limit what you can recommend.

Just allocate it to a different category and let us know in the main text which category you’d prefer, or send us the resource by email at [email protected] and we’ll create both resource and category under your profile.

You recommend it in 1-click 🙂 You cannot share a resource that has already been shared before but you should recommend it so others know you are supporting this resource.

We don’t want people to recommend resources just to earn points, so no, you don’t get points for recommending a resource.

Recommendations are displayed on your user profile though, and the more—genuine—recommendations you have, the more value you provide when people view your profile.

We’re all about inclusivity and want to list resources that can help others in their journey regardless of where they’re at and what their own personal goals are.

Some of us are already living a lifestyle that is pretty different from the standard modern lifestyle, but some of us are only just starting and need transitional resources, at least at first or maybe even as a personal end goal.

For example, some of us avoid all processed food, and might tick at seeing processed food listed. But for those of us just starting on their journey, knowing that there are “better processed” food brands is super useful. It might just be the difference between starting on this journey because it seems a bit easier, and not starting at all.

We’re trying to include any resources that might be helpful for some of us. If they don’t seem to fit our stated mission in your eyes, please consider that they do for others.

I own or represent a resource listed

The best way to do it is to create a user account and then claim the page. We’ll make sure you’re an authorized representative for that resource (through a linked email or social media channel) and then you’ll be able to manage the page, edit the text and add media. It will also display a link to your personal profile.

No you can’t incentivize people to recommend your page(s). You’re definitely encouraged to share your page(s) through your existing channels and then ask your existing clients and audiences to recommend them. You can spread the word any way you like and directly ask people for their support to increase your visibility on the platform.

What you can’t do is offer them rewards or incentives given to them only if they recommend your page(s). So no giveaways where they have to recommend your page(s), etc. It’s all about integrity.

The name and logo(s) of your resource(s) are considered to be in the public domain but we’ll be happy to remove even the logo and/or text from your resource page to leave only the name and links.

We can’t delete your page completely because we want to ensure integrity on the platform: people need to know they can recommend it (or not), by opposition of not having the resource listed.

Every user has a personal profile and can:

  • recommend resources, places or books already on the platform
  • share new resources, places or books they see as useful
  • follow other users so that they are notified when they add new recommendations
  • be followed by other users

If you are the owner or a representative of a resource page, then you can claim it and:

  • you will be able to change and add to all the information on the page
  • your personal profile will appear on the resource page

Recommendations are linked to persons, so to your personal profiles, and not to resources.

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